How to Use

Select a portion from a magazine, book, flier, signboard, etc., that interests you and then take a photo (Click).

1. Open the page supported by this App, then put it on well-lighted place. For poster or billboard, get close to its vicinity.

2. Launch the App, and hold up your device's camera.

* Please execute this at a bright location.

3. Aim the Scan screen's [fingertip] mark at the corresponding location you want to know more about, then tap anywhere on the screen to start the image auto-capture mode. If you have performed zoom, the image auto-capture mode is started after the zoom operation finishes. Even when the image auto-capture mode has already started, please continue shooting for a while, until a matching page is found.

* While on image auto-capture mode, tapping the screen will cancel operations.

4. If supported contents are found, link bars are automatically shown on top of the image on the Page Hotspots Screen. Tap a link bar to view its contents.

(If there is only one link on the focused hotspot, this link such as a Website, etc., is automatically opened. *Auto-open link setting can be turned off via Settings.

5. Tapping the Back button will return to the Scan Screen.

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Main Functions

     Home Screen

-    General information is displayed.

-    Switching of functions can be done by tapping any of the following bottom tab bar buttons:


     Scan Screen -- Taking a Photo and Linking of Contents

-    Take a photo via tap or zoom operation on the Scan screen. (This will also start the auto-capture mode.)

-    While searching, if a matching page is found, that page's image will be displayed, with link bars shown on top of the page if there are available links.

-    The focused page hotspot, together with its link bars (maximum of 6) displayed on top of the page, corresponds to the area that was closest to the center of the page during capture.

-    Tap the link bar to open the contents of the link (such as a Website, etc.) that you want to view.

-    When displayed within the internal browser, tapping the Action button on the toolbar will allow you to perform operations for the original link: such as adding it to the Collection, sharing its related contents via Twitter or Facebook, and opening it via External App (the App that is most suitable to the corresponding link type).

-    Tapping the Back button on the Page Hotspots Screen will return to the Scan Screen.

     Collection Screen -- Recent Items and Collected Links (Grouped by Category)

-    Tap the Collection tab button to display the 4 most Recent Items successfully recognized, and the list of Categories for the collected links.

-    Tapping an image on the Recent Items will display its corresponding matched page (Page Hotspots Screen) and links. Tapping the Back button on the displayed Page Hotspots Screen will return to the Collection Screen.

-    Long-press of an image in the Recent Items will allow you to delete that item.

-    Tapping a Category will display the list of collected links for that category.

-    Tapping a link from the Category's link list will allow you to view its corresponding contents (such as a Website, etc.).

-    To add a link to the Collection, tap the Action button on the Page Hotspot Screen or on a link's internal browser (web page) display, then select the [Add Collection] button from the Action list.

-    Swiping a link from the Category's link list will allow you to delete that item.

     Settings Screen

-    The display of the App's usage, Terms of Service, etc., and various settings can be made on the Settings Screen.

     When Launched from Another App

-    A return button is displayed on the upper left portion of the corresponding tab's Title Bar, when the return function is available. Tap this button to return to the originating App that launched this App.

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     When the photographed page is not recognized (Match Not Found):

The cause may be any of the following:

1. Insufficient amount of light when taking a photo (taking a photo at dark location)

2. Lack of focus or shaky camera resulting to a blurred photo

3. Captured page portion not supported after all

4. Capturing too near the printed material (very little amount of information left), or too far from it (several unnecessary portions included)

To make the recognition easier, take a photo at a bright location with proper focus (not blurred), and maintain some distance from the page (around 15cm away, in case of magazine or some other printed media).

-    If 3G network is slow, use of high-speed WiFi environment is recommended.

-    Use any of the other 4 fingers aside from the thumb to support the back of your device. Then use your left or right thumb to tap the screen to easily take a picture.

-    Use the zoom slider or pinch-to-zoom the screen to adjust the area for capture on the Scan screen (such as when capturing a far-away poster).

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