Ricoh Company, Ltd. (“Ricoh”) may collect and analyze, by using the third party analytics service called “Flurry Analytics” as provided by Flurry, Inc., usage data as to how Ricoh’s mobile applications (“Applications”) are used by our customers (“Customers” or “You”) and how the Applications are performing. Ricoh uses the data in order to improve the quality and service of the Applications. You may opt out of Flurry Analytics that collects and analyze the data. By using the Application without opting out of Flurry Analytics, You indicate that You accept the collection of the data. For details, please read the following:

  1. Data.
  2. Opt-out.


The data that Ricoh collects, analyzes and uses is as follows (“Data”):

  1. 1.Session data;
  2. 2.Event log;
  3. 3.Platform information, including but not limited to, Operation System information, version and language; and
  4. 4.Error log.

Please note that the Customer’s personally identifiable information/data is not collected. Ricoh may employ Flurry Analytics to collect and analyze the Data. The collected Data is transferred to Flurry, Inc.’s server where Ricoh may access the analysis of aggregated and anonymous benchmark data.


You may opt out of Flurry Analytics that collects and analyze the Data. In order to opt out, please see these links that go to Flurry, Inc.’s web site.

  1. Flurry, Inc.’s web site:
As of March 8th, 2014, the Applications using Flurry Analytics are as follows:
  • RICOH TAMAGO Biz Logger
  • TAMAGO InOut Tool for Smart Presenter

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